Later, slacker.

I’m so excited I could just…well, pshhh, later on that.  I’ve actually found a self-help site for all of us procrastinators.  I thought I was just A.D.D., but ”Ima cured!” Seems jumping from one minor task to the other seems to have an actual purpose, according to Stanford University philosophy professor John Perry. He calls it “self manipulation.”  Hmmm, I’m glad he clarifies that visual for me on his structured procrastination site.

I no longer have to feel guilt pangs about being distracted by doing small, menial – albeit quickly resolved – tasks, like paying that late bill online, or watching my 401(k) take a major dump, instead of attacking the bigger project looming on my desk. Seems breaking down larger tasks to a series of smaller ones (trick here: they have to be useful tasks…not playing Solitaire or watching TV) provides us with a stronger focus on positive goals and provides a little adrenaline rush because we’ve actually accomplished something. It provides little mini-satisfactions throughout the day (sort of like eating those mini-oreos in those small bags), which in turn gives you more deliberation to attack that big-picture project (or the industrial Costco-size pack of Oreos).

OK, I’ve been blogging long enough – now onto that other big project…

Ooooo, shiny object! I’ll be right back…

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