Guernsey Stock Goes Up!

During our lunch break, my coworker and I were driving down the street, and as we sat at the light digging through our purses for our coupons (since frugality has set in after watching our retirement plan go down the toilet), we looked up to see….wait, is it a bird?  Is it a plane?  By gawd, that’s GDubya’s helicopter hovering nearby, accompanied by some more dark and swarthy looking helicopters following close by. What the….?

Working not too far outside the Nation’s Capitol, it isn’t always a surprise to see him coming and going.  But we stopped, looked at each other, and burst out laughing. Wait, this doesn’t compute. This is the ‘burbs. The most exciting thing we do around here is shop for chochkies at Ross for our Tuesday-ten-percent-off-cuz-we’re-old-senior-ladies now! What could George possibly be doing around here? And where are they going to land that friggin’ thing…in the Walmart parking lot!?

Returning to the office, the water cooler chatter was all a-buzz.  Indeed, some staff had been eyewitnesses and, upon returning from lunch, grumbled that they had to drive a mile around the perimeter of our office building to get back because the police had shut down streets so The Prez could go to……Guernsey Office Supplies????!!

I can only, I can’t really…what in the world George was filling his cart with, that he couldn’t have one of his secretaries abscond out of the White House office supply cabinet!!?

I can just hear the Secret Service dude speaking into his lapel, “White out, check…shredder, check… cabinet,” check…letter opener for hate mail, check….handi wipes for washing his hands, check.”

This is such fodder for SNL, I think I’m going to send it to Lorne Michaels. But I want to play the stock girl..
Poor George, had we known, we would have offered him one of our 20% off coupons for McDonalds.

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