Extreme Makeups

Methinks there are some pretttttay angry folks out there, what with the economy taking a nosedive, a “no win,” see-no-evil-hear-no-evil situation with this election year, and, I mean – my God – Madonna getting a divorce!! Gee, just didn’t see that one comin’.

A lot of social workers and counselors are being given the heads up on a surge of depressed folks they’ll be seeing on their client list. Hmmm, think I’m in the wrong business, but I don’t think I’d keep a license very long in counseling with my approach, “Just stop whining, you big baby!!”

But then, there are those who will steadfastedly deal with their internal demons in their own way. And it seems men and women are neck and neck on who handles it the best.

A woman in Florida was just fed up with The Mister going out and carousing late at night.  If he had just set the alarm clock at the “other woman’s” place, he’d have probably been fine.  But, no, he pulled an all-nighter, and upon returning home,  was unable to avoid the wrath of momma scorned…she proceeded to pour boiling hot water on his privates. I’ll order the meatballs…well done, please.”

And in nether parts of the country, another whole new meaning was given to the term “marital separation.”  This time, it was The Mister who got his revenge.  Since the beotch wouldn’t come up with half of the money she owed him during a divorce settlement, he decided to take things into his own hands.  So he literally took half the house – lock, stock and barrel. I wonder who got the kitchen…

So with the elections upon us, take a break from all the seriousness and indulge yourself in my poll….while I go check my kettle.  Think it’s whistling…




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