Not in My Backyard…

An 89-year old woman in Blue Ash, Ohio is facing a charge of petty theft because she refused to return a football that repeatedly landed in her yard from the neighborhood kids. After numerous warnings from her, the kids must have run to daddy because he pressed charges – and she could technically spend six months in jail and pay a fine up to $1,000. Oh, I think I’m going to be nauseous.

Have parents become such wimps that they don’t have the gonads to step up and tell their kids, “Whether you like Mrs. Wilson next door or not, keep the damn football out of her yard or there will be hell to pay.”

Unfortunately, the hell paid won’t come from Mr. Cowtow. Instead, he’ll jump in his beemer and run down to the courthouse and exercise his civil rights and protect his little shit’s self esteem. Yeah, Hitler had high self esteem, too….

As I said in a previous post, people are purdy pissed off these days. The little pumpkins are lucky that old Mrs. Palin…I mean, Mrs. Wilson… didn’t pull out a shotgun and blow their little Ipods out of their pockets.

 Sounds like the “blue hairs” of Blue Ash are tired of the little brats….and their kids, too.

Wonder if she’s running on the Independent ticket…


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2 responses to “Not in My Backyard…

  1. mike

    this old lady need to go to a rest home i heard an interview with the boys mom and there is no way i belive her.. the dad was out side tossing the football with his son ..don’t blame these kids it’s an old lady who stated she dont like kids!!


  2. This woman should sue for back wages, for work done as the neighbors “ball boy” and then throw the book at them for not paying minimum wage or healthcare benefits or employee taxes. Harrumph! Or, she can charge the little snot nosed brats with assault with a football. Or… harrassment with a football!
    you don’t have to have blue hair to OR kids to know when a little target practice is in order!


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