Got Milk?


A British milkman has been given a suspended sentence for providing a little extra lift during his version of Meals on Wheels to his elderly customers.  God bless his little soul. Apparently, the 72-year old gramps graced his customers with a little stash-o-hash to go along with their cookies during his milk runs, sympathetic to their aches and pains that their Geritol couldn’t quite fix. 

grannysmokinFirst of all, do people REALLY still get milk delivered!? Apparently, about 1.5 million British still have home delivery by a milkman. Wow, that must mean that 1.5 million Britains don’t work outside the home.  If the milkman delivered here in the U.S., we’d have clots of curdling cream crawling through the crevices on our front porches, next to our delivery of Girl Scout cookies, while we sit in the hot sun in the hour-long commute from our offices.

So that got me to thinking that these British Blue Hairs are either on unemployment, retired, or they’re supposed to be at work but are too stoned to give a crap about the economy.


 Which prompts the question: So why buy the cow when you can get your dope for free..

…in a bottle

…complete with calcium

…delivered to your rocker??



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2 responses to “Got Milk?

  1. Cuzzin Susan

    I love the way your brain works. You must be getting your calcium delivered, too.


  2. Okay. I’ll be the first in what WILL be a very long list of your readers asking – where can I sign up for delivery?


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