Military briefs

pinkboxerssoldierSo the Victoria’s Secret for Soldiers catalog must have come in during mail call in the barracks.  Hey, any mail is better than no mail at all, I say. Hard as hell to get flak vests, it seems, but Pink Platoon boxers are apparently available en masse for these poor guys sacrificing their lives in the trenches.

But more than the fact that he flunked Camouflage 101, I’m a little more worried that this guy is sporting flip flops.  Must be a bitch trying to traverse and tiptoe around those land mines without getting pebbles in his pinky toes. And God help him if he gets captured…try explaining this look to mufasta.  I hope those little designs on his shorts say I Heart Allah. The only thing more disconcerting about his getup is the other guy in his Nike’s. If he’s captured, I suppose all he has to give is his name, rank… and shoe size.

Run, Forest, run…..

And, hey, fashionista! Didn’t your mother ever tell you never wear red with pink!?

At least his backpack matches his helmet…

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One response to “Military briefs

  1. File this under: Always listen to Mother.
    didn’t mom always tell you to wear nice underwear just in case you got hit by a car and had to go to the hospital – or some such other emergency. Mother is ALWAYS right.

    But that said, I think this brave and dashing soldier, this hero, looks handsomer and finer in those bloomers than Brad Pitt would look in a swell tuxedo.


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