Butter nut forget the side dish…

I’m thinking of submitting an idea to The Food Network for a cooking show called The Lazy White Woman’s Guide to Cooking.  Forget 30 minutes, Rachel.  I’m talking six, max. With all the colorful squash varieties that are now out in the grocery store, the thought of peeling them or trudging to the man-garage to split them open with a Delta Power Block anvil, sometimes just makes me say, “Nahhh, peas will do.”

But some food fairy at my local grocer has granted my wish, and I found prepackaged butternut squash – one of my favorites – already sliced ‘n diced for my baking pleasure.

Not only are yellow and orange vegies good for you, but The Mister has requested it two nights in a row.  SCORE!

So do this for a little sweet ‘n savory side dish:

Put squash in baking pan with some sliced onions. Drizzle with  EVOO – that would be extra virgin olive oil (Oh, Rachel, you slay me), a dash of salt & pepper, and sprinkle a little dill over all.  Blast it with some brown sugar.

Bake in 350 oven for 30 minutes or until all is crispy and onions are a little burnt around the edges.  But don’t overcook…this ain’t your mama’s mashed squash!

YUM-OH!  (Oh, I didn’t just say that…) OK, so it still took 30 minutes to cook. Rachel, you win.

Enjoy the Fall.  That is all.

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