Meet the ‘Rents

Feels a bit like limbo.  Too far away from The Wedding to really worry about things, too close to not start thinking about things. So the best thing to do at this point is take that next step that all parents of brides and grooms usually dread, and that’s Meet the Parents.

My son’s future in-laws and I got together, sans hubs, to make sure we don’t end up stabbing each other’s eyes out in the coming years. I just about stabbed my mister’s eyes out because he opted to attend a football game someone had given him tickets to instead. But he stayed in my graces by offering to have them over soon for another meet ‘n greet. He’s in charge of the spaghetti. What the heck?  If they don’t like him, I’ll just move in with them.

All kidding aside, it was a great day full of end-of-summer boating, birthdays and booze with them and their friends. Both dads have at lease one thing in common as neither of them drink, so mom-in-law and I will have our very own designated drivers on the big day.  This is going just swimmingly….

Like their daughter, they’re relaxed, don’t take things too seriously and they like to eat.  Thank God.  If I had to look forward to tofu fingers and wasabi chickpeas at the reception, I was going to shudder with dread and be sure to pack some beef jerky in my makeup bag.

They have a sense of humor. They’re going to need one when they meet my half Irish, half Polish, half Italian family. What. Okay, so I wasn’t good in math. Anyway, their friends’  first words to me were, “Oh, we understand they’ve changed the rules of tradition, and the parents of the groom now pick up the whole tab.” Buwaaaaaaaaaaaaa….no. I get to save that for when my own princess gets delusions of grandeur after watching My Best Friend’s Wedding for the umpteenth time. Please elope, please elope, please elope…

So for now, the only thing I  know for sure is that the wedding will be at the beach. Both of my kids have always been water babies, and the in-laws are avid boaters, so it is only befitting, and I’m sure it will be lovely, hurricanes notwithstanding. And I look forward to sending my son and his new bride off into the beautiful sunset with the backdrop of the ocean lapping upon the shore with nothing but the smell of the misty, salty ocean air.

Unless, of course, I need to drag out my beef jerky.

To be continued…

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  1. modown

    ah it’s just beginning, although, it will be so much easier for you, the Mother of the groom, only having to worry about the rehearsal dinner. These days though, anything goes, so I would be prepared for the “anyhing” to come along. We, the fam, are all looking forward to a vaca-by-the-beach, you know us, anything for a family “come-all-ya.” Good Luck this year in planning, and I’m here for ya since I’ve been the wedding route before.


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