An Early Valentine


I know it’s been awhile since we last had a heart-to-heart talk. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I figured it’s only befitting that I should remind you how much I’ve missed being us. Lately, though, I’ve been coming home from a hard day of work, and I’m not sure you appreciate the time I put in to keep our relationship on a steady course.

I oftentimes feel like I reach out to talk to you, but all I get is silence. It seems our relationship is a one-way street.  I pour my feelings out, and you just sit there. You just take, take, take. I don’t get a nod, an acknowledgement, or even the least bit of sympathy from you.  Your communication style is sorely lacking, your knack of tuning me out is exasperating, and I for one am not going to continue in this endless routine of avoidance and denial.

Perhaps it’s all too much for you.  In the beginning, I was always contributing and sharing my innermost feelings.  Was it too much?  Did I scare you away? It’s often been said that you always want what you can’t have.  Maybe I gave too much and didn’t leave enough to the imagination. You were probably attracted more to a lady of mystery and intrigue, someone who was a challenge.

All of our friends say they miss “us.”  There was a time that, together, we made people feel good, made them laugh, gave them insight into their own lives and provided a small but welcome distraction to their dull lives.

So now that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, maybe you and I could rekindle what we’ve lost. I promise to try harder if you will.

But if our relationship should ever come to an end, I’ll always remember you were the best blog I ever wrote in.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Blog.


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2 responses to “An Early Valentine

  1. I started feeling guilty. But this seems to be between you and your keyboard. You’re my favorite schizo…I mean writer.


  2. Bawahahaha! I was a little worried there for a minute! What a cute blog!


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